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Frontend development

Here at Infinum, we tackle the complexities of the web on your behalf. We’ve sharpened our knives on dozens of client and open-source projects and are ready and willing for new and exciting challenges.

React development

We dove head-first into the world of React with large-scale projects. In conjunction with MobX, this solution proved to be ideal for small and big projects alike. The default companion to React - Redux - is also no stranger to us. We have even put our React expertise to good use by creating open-source libraries based on React and Mobx.

Angular development

After using AngularJS in the past, we jumped at the the opportunity to work with the new Angular. Although Angular is still establishing itself in the market, we believe it’s a fabulous framework—and we have our shiny Angular applications to prove it.


Infinum started using Vue.js on small projects to test the waters and see how it could improve our development flow. Over time, it has earned our trust and proven to be a great framework. We now have the confidence and experience to use Vue.js for large-scale applications.

Our toolbox

When developing with any of these frameworks, we tap into various supporting tools. Some of these solutions make development easier while others improve the UX. A few of our favorites include Webpack, Yarn, Babel and TypeScript.

Open source

Whenever possible, we strive to simplify other developers’ lives with our useful open source gems.

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