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Blockchain Development

Ready to take the leap into blockchain? Infinum can help! Blockchain technologies offer new and exciting opportunities for every business. Let’s work together on a distributed app, custom backend system or an API. We can also create custom architectures suited to meet your decentralised needs.


Infinum has been involved in Ethereum development for nearly five years. Ethereum is an open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality. Through close observation and use of this cutting-edge platform, we feel confident saying this blockchain technology has enabled us to evolve into what we are today.


Through multiple projects joined under the Hyperledger family, we found ourselves in awe of the use cases we could create. Moving from a platform like Ethereum was difficult, but enlightening. The scalability and customisations offered by Hyperledger projects continue to astound us. This innovative technology has resulted in many wonderful projects.

The blockchain technologies we use are well-monitored, scalable and secure. This platform allows us to create customised, scalable high-throughput projects that rival current client-server setups—all while still utilising the security, immutability and integrity of blockchain technology.