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Backend development

The technologies we use are well-documented, scalable and secure. Whether it’s a web app, custom backend system or an API, we create architectures that best suit your digital products. 


We've been using Rails for more than 10 years and still love it as much as we did the first day. By now, we know it like the back of our hand. The platform has reached a mature point, and the library support is extraordinary—which guarantees fast and reliable backend development. Our favorite weapon of choice, Ruby on Rails is the most powerful way to kickstart your digital product development.

Elixir / Phoenix

As much as we fell in love with Rails, we felt the same way when we started using the Phoenix Framework a few years back. We were first attracted to Elixir because of its Ruby-like syntax and functional nature—not to mention its famous web toolkit, the Phoenix framework.

Phoenix favours explicitness over implicitness, handles millions of requests by leveraging the Erlang VM and offers excellent scalability. These are all great features for building high-traffic sites, fault-tolerant systems or real-time applications.


Go is an open source, statically typed programming language by Google. It is characterised by its simplicity and well-defined conventions. Go offers the right combination of productivity, performance and built-in concurrency support. Plus, it comes with a nice set of development tools, like a blazing fast compiler, code formatter, debugger, package manager and more. 

After using Go on several projects, we believe its most valuable benefits are productivity and easy collaboration for high-performance server tasks.

From our shop

We work with a variety of clients—from big corporations to small businesses to exciting startups. Check out some of the recent projects we’ve completed.

Blog posts

We not only enjoy reading and sharing relevant articles—we also write original pieces to educate and inspire the ever-growing community of backend developers around the world.

Tools and libraries

Sharing is caring—that’s why we create open source gems, libraries and tools for others to use.

Speaking from experience

We love talking about our favorite technologies. That’s why you’ll probably run into our team members at renowned global tech conferences.

Extracurricular activities

We share interesting improvements in the field of backend development, organize monthly tech talks and distribute a newsletter with articles we think every developer should read.