We're Upgrading Our Employee Perks with Tinder Plus Memberships for All


The tech industry has really spoiled its employees with a variety of cool benefits no other industry can match. From subsidised lunches and gym memberships to laundry facilities, physical therapy and rainbow slides.

Our idea

As we’re always looking into ways to boost employee morale, our HR team applied a democratic approach to defining key areas of improvement. We’ve conducted an internal research on what kind of perks our co-workers would appreciate the most. We’ve divided employee perks into meaningful segments from which we could extract actionable conclusions and we sent out a survey.

These were the results:


To our surprise, major employee needs were in areas already supported by our compensation system. For entertainment we offer a fun and games budget, and for work-life balance we administer a flexible vacation policy. We were left puzzled by what else we could offer in these obviously critical areas.

The solution

After a few days of countless Red Bulls and serious brainstorming sessions with our management team, we finally came up with a win-win solution. The perk of all perks, a winning formula to address both major needs. From now on, all our employees are entitled to an unlimited Tinder Plus account.


In this day and age, we know how complicated meaningful relationships can be. We wanted to simplify this by equipping our employees with unrestrained liking and swiping action.

In order not to be autocratic or leave anyone out, we’re extending our offer to include a vast variety of dating apps. You can opt for OKCupid, 3nder, Grindr, JDate or Bristlr, and if you want your dog to find its perfect companion there’s always Twindog.

We are sure this addition will please our employees and we’re seriously counting on attracting new recruits. Check out our careers page to discover our openings and the full list of perks.