Bridging the gap between everyday life tasks and technology's potential, our team specializes in creating intuitive, seamless, and interconnected experiences—from wearables that monitor your health to smart home systems that make life more convenient.

Leica is a global manufacturer specializing in the production of high-end cameras, sport optics, and fine mechanical imaging instruments. We built a companion system for Leica's cutting-edge thermal cameras, future-proofed for wildlife observation and ethical hunting.

We supported Alfa Laval, the leading global provider of solutions within the energy, pharmaceutical, and marine industries, on a complete rebuild of their IoT solution, enabling them to manage their devices online and remotely, as well as to collect, store, process, and visualize telemetry data.

Signify is the market leader in lighting. Working together, we built the IoT app MasterConnect, the core tool for setting up and configuring smart lighting networks in commercial buildings. This smart solution cuts energy costs by 75% and reduces lighting installation time by 50%.

Guided by the idea that solar energy should be accessible to everybody, we developed a multilingual website and a proof-of-concept for a digital product promoting the use of solar power cells for commercial and residential households.

Opportunities in smart devices


Industrial IoT solutions


Smart home systems


Wearable devices


Energy management systems


Connected car apps


Voice assistant integrations


Environmental monitoring solutions

Why partner with Infinum


We inventory legacy software and revamp financial institutions' operations, providing clients with secure, intuitive, and scalable platforms.


We build solutions, client-facing apps, and interfaces to complement an existing digital ecosystem, and envision completely new services that set market trends.


We develop custom APIs to integrate third-party platforms and solutions, allowing companies to operate a fully interconnected stable system for better efficiency and enhanced security.

Test and launch

With our Agile approach, we take you from ideation workshops through proof of concept and MVP to market launch.


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