Analytics &

Getting the product in the right hands with proven
user acquisition and growth strategies.

Product launch is just the beginning

After a successful launch, we continue making sure our clients are getting their money’s worth. By relying on data, we drive decisions towards maximizing conversion and retention.

Accelerating growth

We devour delightful data, draw conclusions from it, and then suggest the game plan to set companies up for great success.

Identifying high-impact
Growing a digital product is all about identifying opportunities, testing, extracting learnings, and applying those learnings in a loop.
Marketing without data is a shot in the dark
Over 21% of the average marketing budget is wasted due to bad data. Objective data is critical in making the right decisions to drive long-term growth.
Growing and scaling
products successfully
Using product analytics tools, we can assess the performance of digital experiences we’re building, diagnose problems, and correlate customer activity with long-term value.
Measuring a digital
product’s performance
We approach user behaviour analysis with the proven AARRR framework. We systematically measure and optimize each phase of the user journey.
Saving countless hours of
engineering time
Data analytics reveal usage, patterns and whether users are finding the product or feature valuable. This is the foundation for better decision-making.

Tools we use

We use Firebase for mobile app data collection and a quick overview of the most important app metrics.
Highly scalable and cost-effective cloud data warehouse used for storing and analyzing user behavior data
Google Data Studio
Our go-to tool for building informative, easy-to-read, easy-to-share, and fully customizable dashboards and reports.
Qlik Sense
We use Qlik Sense to transform raw data into actionable insights, in order to make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes.
Mixpanel gives us real-time insights into how users interact with digital products, helping us make smart decisions and plan further product development.
We use Amplitude, a product analytics tool, to better understand user behavior, improve product experiences, and increase lifetime value and retention
A customer data platform (CDP) we use to collect and send customer data to various places such as databases or different marketing tools.
Google Analytics
One of the tools from the Google Marketing Platform we use. It helps us track, analyze, and report website traffic.