Gain competitive advantage with data

Gain competitive advantage with data

Not another average solution

Leveraging data in the right way can make the difference between your product becoming customers’ first choice or an average digital solution. Interpreting Machine Learning algorithms and AI-extracted insights, our experts discover ways to improve your product, fine-tune it to users’ needs, and set it up for market success.


Let data do the heavy lifting

With the power of data on your side, you can:

  • Boost revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Inform decision-making
  • Unlock new business opportunities
  • Improve your product’s UX utilizing ML concepts
  • Optimize processes
  • Automate workflows
  • Tap into new market segments
  • Eliminate technical debt

Computers can see beyond just pixels. We create custom deep-learning algorithms that help businesses unlock new opportunities.

Tech &

  • Tensorflow Keras
  • AWS, Azure & Google Cloud
  • BigQuery
  • Jupyter
  • Sklearn
  • PyTorch
  • FastAPI
  • Spark
  • Kinesis
  • Firebase
  • BigQuery
  • Google Looker Studio
  • Qlik Sense
  • Mixpanel
  • Amplitude
  • Segment
  • Apptentive
  • Google Analytics Universal
  • Google Analytics 4


We set products up for success by crunching numbers, interpreting data, and drawing conclusions. Decisions made based on data-supported facts ensure a good product-user fit. 

Optimizing user experiences

Growing a digital product is all about identifying opportunities, testing, extracting learnings, and applying those learnings in a loop.

Steering the marketing budget

Over 21% of the average marketing budget is wasted due to bad data. Objective data is critical in making the right decisions to drive long-term growth.

Improving and scaling products 

If we understand what users need, which features they use the most, and what parts of the product are mostly left forgotten, we can adjust and scale with ease, creating long-term value.

Decreasing customer turnover

Data analytics tools help us track the exact steps where users disengage with a product so we can optimize the product for better customer retention. Using ML algorithms, we can predict changes early on and reduce disengagement.

Allocating resources wisely

Segmenting the most profitable features and/or users early on saves many engineering and product management hours in the long run. 

Better team utilization

Employing ML capabilities to tackle exhaustive and repetitive tasks frees up time so teams can focus on the assignments that bring more value.

Improved decision making

With unrivaled capabilities for collecting and analyzing data, Machine Learning can speed up and automate the decision-making process at the same time reducing room for error.

No crystal ball needed – just let our product data analysts and machine learning engineers do the magic

The right experts know how to ask the right questions and turn data into insights and answers.


Valuable insights for diverse stakeholder groups


Evaluate product performance and see how it impacts business goals.


Make smarter, data-driven decisions and save time and money.

​​Product Management

Understand how users interact with the product and make better decisions about the product roadmap.

Data Analytics

Discover the marketing channels that bring in the most engaged and most valuable users as well as channels with the highest ROI.


Identify and prioritize areas of friction, find out where bugs or potential user frustrations are hiding.


Reveal UX pain points or poorly adopted features through user behaviour analysis to improve the experience.


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