Clutch Acknowledges Infinum among 1% of Best B2B Service Providers Globally


This Monday, Clutch published the List of 1000 Best B2B Service Providers, their most exclusive award, making the start of the most wonderful time of the year even more splendid for companies from 35 countries and 374 different cities around the world – including Infinum.

We’re sitting in the 10th spot

The leading B2B ratings and reviews platform is a staple for collecting genuine feedback in an independent and objective manner, continually rating platform-registered companies around the world based on their market presence and industry leadership.

However, this particular list highlights companies that have rankings within the top 1% of all companies on Clutch, which takes into account the quality, quantity, and recency of verified client reviews, services offered, the portfolio of clients, brand reputation, as well as a company’s visibility in its target market.

To be included on the list with the best 1% of companies registered on Clutch is an accomplishment in itself.

To be awarded the 10th place on that list by a pillar of industry objectivity is a real badge of honor for us.

How are reviews by Clutch unique?

What TripAdvisor is to hungry tourists seeking delicacies that impressed other wanderers just like them, Clutch is to clients seeking mobile app development, custom software development, and web development services – only better.

The better part? Firstly, only company representatives who have actually interacted with the firm are allowed to review a company, which ensures the reviews are experiences by the people who have had direct contact with the company. Secondly, the feedback is collected by an unbiased Clutch representative over the phone or online, eliminating false politeness between associates, and removing the pressure from the client.

In other words, if someone has had a piece of the company’s pie and did not like it, they can express their dissatisfaction freely.

Finally, Clutch is veiled with another layer of objectivity in the sense that it encourages everyone to update their reviews if their experience of working with the company significantly changes, just like Michelin may take a star back if an awarded restaurant no longer deserves it.

Kudos to our clients

We try hard to deliver high-quality service and impress our clients at all times, but none of this would have been possible if our hard work went unnoticed. That’s why we’d like to wrap it up by acknowledging our partners in crime.

Not only has your feedback helped us gain visibility online but it also continually motivates us to keep improving and learning. Thank you for taking the time to help us grow.