Laying the Foundation for Something Bigger than Ourselves


I once read that the key to success is to focus on your goals, not your obstacles.

Building a business is no different, so for the first few years after Infinum was founded, we focused on our own growth.

Once our business became established and our people taken care of, we started thinking about how to improve the life of the community that our organization was part of.

Contributing to the community

We believe that if you’re good at something, it’s your responsibility to share your know-how with the world.

One way of contributing was setting up Infinum Academy, where expert designers and developers teach students how to design and code digital products to help them tackle the job market.

We also committed to publishing open-source, writing expert articles, speaking at conferences, and hosting events for the design, development, and tech communities. Furthermore, we’ve sponsored events and donated money and supplies to those in need.

We’ve responded to as many different causes as we could: Buying equipment for kids, volunteering at shelters, or using our skills to build websites for nonprofits.

The initiative for most charitable activities came from the people within Infinum, and it’s safe to say it has become part of our company culture.

However admirable, our corporate and social responsibility efforts were non-systemic.

We’re donating 1% of our profits each year to good causes

Numerous requests for donations continued to pour in from different organizations to the point where we were unable to address and evaluate them objectively.

We wanted to change that and figured there was a better way we could help the community. That’s how the idea of creating a platform for helping those in need proactively and consistently was born.

We started Infinum Foundation and committed to donating 1% of our profits each year to good causes.

Many employees volunteered to sit on the Foundation’s Committee and discuss, research and vote to allocate funds to those in need.

Kids are the future, and we’re betting on it

Currently, Infinum Foundation is focused on projects involving children and young people.

We are determined to support initiatives that:

  • Improve the quality of children’s life and education
  • Encourage creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among kids
  • Promote responsible behavior towards nature and the community

If you have or know of a project that ticks those boxes, take the opportunity and secure the funding for your nonprofit’s initiative.

Our annual call for projects is open until July 31. You can find out the details right here.

Kudos, kiddos!

Infinum juniors supported the cause by donating their extraordinary modeling skills.

Helping those in need is everyone’s business

We know there are other companies out there that want to help, but their efforts are spontaneous and sporadic.

Be brave and step up for the less fortunate. When we come together, we can remove any obstacle on their path to success.

It’s a privilege to be in a position where you can change the lives of others for the better. Don’t let that privilege lie dormant.

Our annual call for projects is open until July 31. Visit Infinum Foundation to learn more.