Application icon
Last modified on Mon 12 Oct 2020

This chapter will lead you through the basics needed to add the application icons to your RN app.


  1. To add application icons first ask designer to provide you with icons in .png format and sizes.

Make sure that designer provides you both type of icons (square and round ones), because android added adaptive icons since version 8.0. Basicly, this allows android system to choose which icon type to display.

  1. If your application doesn't have multiple env. skip till step 6.
  2. Navigate to android/app/src directory and create separate folders for each of the environment (flavor) you have defined inside your gradle file. Directory name has to match the product flavor name.
  3. Each "flavor" has to contain the res directory with appropriate mipmap-<size> subdirectories and playstore icon.
  4. After you've set up this for all your flavors, you can delete src/main/res directory since it will be used only if icons are not found inside your flavor directories (basicly it's a fallback).
  5. Add your icons to their designated mipmap directories according to sizes above.


  1. Navigate to iOS directory and open your project with XCode using .xcworkspace file.
  2. Inside XCode find Images.xcassets directory and select the AppIcon file at top of the window you
  3. Add all icons to their designed boxes as defined.

Multiple env. (option 1 - targets)

Add multiple icon sets (each target has its own icons) using + sign inside Images.xcassets window and select App icons & Launch images -> New iOS App Icon. Change the name of the icon file to reflect your target name: AppIconStaging. On the right side of the icons window find Target Membership section and select related target. Make sure you do this for all icon sets.

Multiple env. (option 2 - configurations)

Define multiple icon sets as described in option 1 and change their names so they are easily related to their configuration: AppIconDev, AppIconProd etc. After you've added all the related icons select the project target (you should have only 1) and under Build Settings navigate to Asset Catalog Compiler - Options. Expand Asset Catalog App Icon Set Name and change the name of the icons so they match ones from the Images.xcassets you defined previously.