5 Ways Physical Stores Integrate Technology

Because building a webshop is not the only way to take a brick-and-mortar store to the world of digital.

Bojan Bajić

How COVID-19 Accelerated Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector

Can the retail sector survive without technology post COVID-19?

Tanja Bezjak

A Guide to Beacon Technology in 2021

Need a fully-fledged navigation system for under a couple hundred bucks?

Jonatan Pleško

Consumer expectations evolve faster than businesses can adapt"–Interview with Aleksandar Atanasov from Cylindo

Interview with Aleksandar Atanasov from Cylindo, a B2B marketer working with furniture retailers. Where does he see the industry in 10 years?

Tanja Bezjak

“COVID-19 made us realize digital transformation has only just started”–Interview with DEPT's Bart Manuel

Interview with DEPT's Bart Manuel –from Covid-19 chaos, through future plans, to post-pandemic advice for businesses around the world.

Tomislav Car

Adding a Layer of Digital to Physical Products and Services

Why many brands make the mistake of assuming digital transformation doesn’t apply to physical products and services, and what to do instead.

Bojan Bajić

What Is Android Lint and How It Helps Write Maintainable Code

Classic developer oversights: using an API added in the newer version, actions requiring specific permissions, missing translations, etc.

Sven Vidak

The Ups and Downs of Creating a Decoupled WordPress

What decoupled WordPress actually is and how it should be used with (or without) WordPress REST API.

Ivan Ružević

One RecyclerView to Rule Them All

I decided to write my own wrapper around RecyclerView and RecyclerAdapter. It had to be as simple as possible and offer a limited set of functionalities.

Željko Plesac

Make Sure Your Users Have the Latest App Version Installed

In today’s mobile ecosystem it’s easy to publish an updated version of your application. Making sure users download it is more difficult.

Ivan Kocijan

Share Files Using FileProvider on Android

Once you understand how it works, implementing your own FileProvider is truly simple.

Domagoj Korman

Better Login Forms Without Security Risks

However, more often than not, various implementations trade-off good UX for security assumptions that are out of place.

Damir Svrtan