Someone Stole Our Website… Again

You may have heard that we redesigned our website 6 months ago. 

We’ve invested hours on end to create a crisp and intuitive design. We wrote hundreds of words of fresh content and thousands of lines of clean code. Dozens of people worked hard for several months to launch the Infinum website, version 3.0. 

The crazy thing is apparently we weren’t the only ones who had this kind of design in mind.

A company called Enflow was actually developing the exact same website at the exact same time. What are the odds?!

And it’s not just our websites that look alike. Wait until you see their office…

Great minds think of something else

Apparently, when the Chinese really like a place somewhere in the world, they sometimes create a replica of that place in China. From the picturesque Hallstatt to the stunning Venice, you can basically travel the world simply by visiting China.

Turns out someone liked our office so much that they created an exact replica of it in Singapore, Bangalore, and/or Jaipur.

And not only that – the worst part was finding out some of our best people are moonlighting for the competitor.

I mean, how else could we explain these photos on their website?

It’s either that or they were stolen directly from our website, and who does that? Certainly not a team with 50+ mobile apps built that delivers high-quality mobile apps swiftly.

Copy + paste

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and boy are we flattered.

Btw, this isn’t even the first time that this has happened – after our first redesign back in 2013, we had several companies try to copy our website. 

We even wrote an article back then instructing other potential thieves how to plagiarize a website properly but looks like they didn’t read it.

“Teach a man to fish”, they said…

Alternative options

Stealing somebody else’s work is lazy, shitty, and illegal. 

If you want to learn how to make great websites like the one you copied, try applying to Infinum Academy. Or you can use some of the gazillion free WordPress templates to build your own website.

Or if you don’t want to do the work, you can always hire us. We can even hook you up with our “biggest fans” discount.