Last modified on Tue 12 Mar 2024

Visual assets

Make sure all assets are marked as exportable (Figma steps). You only have to mark the master component/symbol as exportable; it will apply to all its copies. If you are not sure what assets need to be exported (other than icons and illustrations) - ask the project's developer.

Follow the naming convention below:

Platform Web iOS Android
Icon ic-name.ext icon-name.ext ic_name.ext
Background bg-name.ext background-name.ext bg_name.ext
Image img-name.ext image-name.ext img_name.ext

Promotional graphic assets for App Store and Play Store

To publish an app, we need to create promotional images or videos for the App Store and/or Play Store. Each platform has a specific set of requirements, so these graphics have to be made accordingly.

App Store

App Store shows promo images according to the device you are viewing the App Store from. That is why we need to create App Store images previewing the app for different devices.

You can find the list of devices and their corresponding static screenshot sizes here. In case you are creating video promo, follow these guidelines.

Goole Play Store

The requirements for Play Store are a bit simpler, especially for static images:

As for the video, you have the option to add a promotional YouTube video that will be positioned within your gallery. The video requirements are: