Darko Kukovec

Overcome Token Storage and Security Challenges of OAuth2

Implementing the recommendations from the official OAuth2 specification, we created an open-source library that allows you to save tokens securely.

Darko Kukovec

AI Coding Assistants – Developers’ Friends or Foes?

AI coding assistants can be useful tools, but make the most sense for more experienced developers who know what they're doing.

Darko Kukovec

The Role of JavaScript in the Biggest Apple Security Breach

Find out what was the role of JavaScript in the biggest Apple security breach that is responsible for 2 million instances of privacy breaches.

Darko Kukovec

Hey Google, I/O 2019 Was a Big Deal for Web Development

Ready or not, we are taking a look at some of the most exciting announcements at Google I/O 2019. Exciting stuff!

Darko Kukovec

Squeezing Webpack into Backend Frameworks

In order for a page to be fast, it’s a good idea to concatenate all your JavaScript assets into one file and all your CSS assets into another.

Darko Kukovec

Web Components Building Blocks of the Future Web

Every now and then a technology comes out that changes the web landscape. In 2008, Google announced Google Chrome, a simple but fast and powerful browser. Around the same time, HTML5 started to emerge and gave us access to a lot of new features. Now it’s time to embrace another new technology called Web Components.

Darko Kukovec

Web Technologies for Desktop Development

The second consecutive Webcamp Zagreb tech conference attracted around 600 participants from Croatia and the region.

Darko Kukovec