A revenue optimization system that leaves no room available


We helped build a smart revenue management system that leaves no room available.





The leading hospitality group on the Adriatic

If you ever planned to vacation on the Adriatic, you’ve probably come across Maistra Hospitality Group. With 18 hotels, 11 tourist villages, and 6 campsites in internationally sought-after destinations like Dubrovnik and Rovinj, it is the most prestigious hospitality group in Croatia.

Backed by over 50 years of excellence, Maistra provides unparalleled experiences for guests. Running such an elaborate business asks for sophisticated solutions across the board.

Revenue management powered by machine learning

We helped Maistra build a robust solution for revenue management that streamlines their business operations.

Powered by AI, Edmond is a unique revenue optimization tool that integrates numerous internal and external data sources, predicting occupancy and autonomously adjusting accommodation rates.

Powerful AI,
intuitive UI

Edmond uses algorithms for data analysis and optimal price prediction implemented by Maistra. It controls room availability, rates, and integrates with multiple sales channels in real-time. For Maistra, it means all data is in-sync, from booking platforms to the hotel reception.

Instead of managing multiple Excel documents, revenue management is centralized, and insights are immediately available across departments.


Machine learning algorithms perform an array of data analyses, predicting the optimal price for every accommodation unit across the portfolio.

The team working on Edmond is one of the best self-organized software teams I have ever had the pleasure to work with.


Edmond learns, adapts, and performs

Intelligent insights and suggestions

Guided by powerful data aggregated and interpreted by Edmond, revenue managers are fully equipped to make educated decisions. Adjusting rates for hundreds of rooms is easy as a simple click.

Occupancy predictions drive better business decisions

Algorithms determine an optimal sales channel and suggest a more profitable outcome – sell rooms to B2B customers or to individuals via booking sites? Edmond knows the answer.

It displays the break-even price, room occupancy, and revenue at the suggested rate.

Outsmarting competitors on autopilot

Edmond can find patterns from internal data, but also uses publicly available information to analyze competitor rates. It compares room prices and suggests corrections. When on autopilot, the system has the autonomy to set room prices and adjust availability. Driven by data, Edmond provides an accurate and real-time insight into the bigger picture of the hotel’s performance.

Multiple data layers, one overview

Revenue managers need no-fuss information visibility at all times. The interface was designed around displaying multiple data layers in one.

Simple chart formatting

Chart creation tool enables users to filter and deliver tailor-made charts for specific purposes. Simpler, yet more powerful than Excel.

Connecting revenue management and sales teams

Sales agents and revenue managers communicate and create quotes directly in Edmond. This saves time for both parties and streamlines the quote creation process.

Built-in PDF editor

To speed up the quote creation process, Edmond helps revenue managers collect raw data from conversations. It maps that data with matching fields in the quote. Elegantly-designed PDF documents are generated and exported automatically.

Redefining revenue management in the hospitality industry

Edmond has proven its worth in one of the most demanding tourist markets, and Maistra is now working to create a commercial equivalent to the system.

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