Zeljko Plesac

Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry – 5 Best Practices

We explore the potential of digital transformation in the insurance industry. Learn the key principles for building winning digital solutions.

Zeljko Plesac

Why Digital Product Development Projects Often Suffer Delays

The second edition of Infinum Slovenia’s Business Breakfast event identified the main reasons behind project delays.

Zeljko Plesac

One RecyclerView to Rule Them All

I decided to write my own wrapper around RecyclerView and RecyclerAdapter. It had to be as simple as possible and offer a limited set of functionalities.

Zeljko Plesac

I Don't Always Use the Facebook API, but When I Do, Everything Has Changed

Last year, Facebook announced a series of changes to their developer platform and launched API v2.0.

Zeljko Plesac

The Past, Present and Future of Android Development

Android runs on countless models of smartphones and tablets, as well as many other devices. One would think that programm is simple and easy. Is it?

Zeljko Plesac

Eclipse Is Dead for Android Development and I Helped Kill It

In less than a year, Eclipse lost its position as the primary IDE for Android development and became extinct.

Zeljko Plesac

Android Studio vs. Eclipse 1 : 0

After the initial fuss has settled following the release of Android Studio, it’s time to make some remarks about this new IDE for Android development.

Zeljko Plesac