Tanja Bezjak

Someone Stole Our Website… Again

They say great minds think alike. We say great minds should think twice before stealing someone else's work.

Tanja Bezjak

How to Create the Perfect Checkout Experience in 9 Simple Steps

Optimizing the most common user experience checkout issues can increase conversions by 35%.

Tanja Bezjak

How COVID-19 Accelerated Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector

Can the retail sector survive without technology post COVID-19?

Tanja Bezjak

Consumer expectations evolve faster than businesses can adapt"–Interview with Aleksandar Atanasov from Cylindo

Interview with Aleksandar Atanasov from Cylindo, a B2B marketer working with furniture retailers. Where does he see the industry in 10 years?

Tanja Bezjak

The Retailers' Guide Through Digital Transformation

Our free book “Transforming the Purchasing Experience” helps retailers navigate the digital transformation of their business.

Tanja Bezjak

RIP Consumer Tablets. What About Enterprise Use?

If the nearing ending of a decade doesn’t sound scary, I'll have you know it’s been 20 years since the first tablet device was launched.

Tanja Bezjak