Ivan Kocijan


Unescaping Special Characters in Android Applications

Try these two approaches if you need to escape strings.

Ivan Kocijan

Implementing Google's New In-App Updates

The good and the bad of in-app updates, and tackling those issues using our open-source libraries for update handling.

Ivan Kocijan

Make Sure Your Users Have the Latest App Version Installed

In today’s mobile ecosystem it’s easy to publish an updated version of your application. Making sure users download it is more difficult.

Ivan Kocijan

Say Hello to a Faster Android Emulator

For years, Android developers have been struggling with the Android emulator. Two years ago we switched to Genymontion which is both fast and reliable.

Ivan Kocijan

Make Your App Work with Android Wear in 4 Easy Steps

Google introduced the full Android Wear SDK and now developers can finally start building awesome smartwatch applications.

Ivan Kocijan