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Apple Meets EU’s Digital Markets Act – What You Need to Know

We present the most relevant changes Apple introduced to comply with EU's Digital Markets Act in a friendly FAQ.

Goran Brlas

Building Philips MasterConnect on BLE and Zigbee Protocols

How we managed complex hardware-software interactions in an enterprise-level IoT lighting system Philips MasterConnect using BLE and Zigbee.

Goran Brlas

SwiftUI 2.0: The Future is Declarative

Has SwiftUI overcome its initial shortcomings and brought significant improvements in the version 2.0?

Goran Brlas

Top 10 Most Useful iOS Libraries in 2020

A 2020 list of the top 10 libraries every iOS developer should know about, fresh off the press.

Goran Brlas

Forget the Year of the Rat, 2020 Belongs to Flutter

One cross-platform technology has recently taken mobile development by storm. Why are Flutter apps special? Should businesses invest in Flutter-powered software?

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Easy Way to Implement Demo Mode in iOS Apps

Ever thought about adding demo mode to your application?Probably not. But there are many scenarios when the demo mode comes in handy.

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A Repository Full of Our Best Practices in iOS Development

iOS projects come in all shapes and sizes, but the same pesky problems in them reappear like in that bunny hammer game.

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How to Prepare Your App for Dark Mode in iOS 13

After what seems like forever, iOS is officially getting a feature its users have been crying for: a system-wide dark mode.

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10-Minute Tips to Make Your iOS App More Interactive

Most people prefer visual interfaces to command line terminals. Learn how to increase app engagement and make your app stand out!

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A Crash Course in Augmented Reality on iOS with ARKit

Since the release of ARKit in 2017., and especially the 2.0 announcement during the WWDC 2018 conference, I’ve been interested in what it can provide.

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