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I Cheated on Android with JavaScript… And My Boss Approved

I fell in love with mobile development five years ago. Android was my first love, but everyone knows the first love never lasts.

Domagoj Korman

New & Improved Fingerprint Authentication in Android Apps

When Google released `BiometricPrompt`, we tried integrating it in our Android library for fingerprint authentication.

Domagoj Korman

Conquering Android Camera APIs

If you’ve ever worked with Android Camera APIs, you probably know why almost everyone dislikes it. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Domagoj Korman

Top 10 Android Libraries Every Android Developer Should Know About

Jump right into the list of best Android libraries for developers that make Android development much more enjoyable for anyone who uses them.

Domagoj Korman

Share Files Using FileProvider on Android

Once you understand how it works, implementing your own FileProvider is truly simple.

Domagoj Korman