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Better Login Forms Without Security Risks

However, more often than not, various implementations trade-off good UX for security assumptions that are out of place.

Damir Svrtan

Whitelisting with the Lesser-Known #presence_in Method

Have a look at this hidden ActiveSupport #presence_in method that provides a convenient way to do whitelisting in just one line.

Damir Svrtan

Trends in Ruby Analyzing Rubygems Stats for 2015

The market is flooded with new languages and frameworks. Many seem promising, and a lot of developers are talking about the death of Ruby and Rails.

Damir Svrtan

Multiline Strings in Ruby 2.3 the Squiggly Heredoc

Did you ever have to write a nicely indented multiline string in Ruby? There was no out-of-the-box solution until the squiggly heredoc was introduced.

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Tips for Participating in the Rails Rumble

Rails Rumble is the biggest international Rails hackathon; over 500 teams from across the globe, four members fabricating an awesome Rails app in 48 hours.

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Best Ruby On Rails Refactoring Talks

Refactoring is the craft of improving the design of an existing code without changing its external behavior.

Damir Svrtan

Top 8 Tools for Ruby on Rails Code Optimization and Cleanup

Keeping your code clean and organized while developing a large Rails application can be quite a challenge, even for an experienced developer.

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Simple Ruby on Rails Content Editing

When your client asks for some copy editing on their website, does it take too much of your time?

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