Last modified on Fri 30 Sep 2022

Postman is a great tool to test and work with APIs. It simplifies sharing API requests and their required parameters between people working on the project.

For more information on how to use Postman, check out this great article by the QA team.


Postman enables us to easily share our collections with our teammates through workspaces.

Sharing a workspace is as easy as making the workspace public and inviting people as collaborators. Unfortunately, in the free plan, we are limited by the number of people that can be added to the workspace to a maximum of 4. That is something to think about when working with bigger teams.

One way to mitigate that is sharing the collections by manually exporting them and other teammates importing them into their workspace. The main downfall with this approach is any changes made in the original collection are not seen by others until a new export/import is made.


Recently, we discovered a handy alternative to the Postman tool in Hoppscotch. It is completely free and can be easily added as a Chrome app. The interface resembles Postman and it behaves in a very similar manner. As an additional feature, it's possible to import Postman collections.