Books and Blogs
Last modified on Tue 28 Nov 2023

To ensure we remain up to date with our technologies and stay on the edge of them we often come up with interesting topics, articles and discussions. If you bump into something interesting or unusual on the project you are working on or have something else you would like to discuss feel free to mention it on our weekly meeting. If the weekly meeting cannot wait, you can always share it and comment on our main Slack channel #team-dotnet. Additionally every now and then you will find some article or a blog post that will grab your attention. If you think it would benefit our team to give it a read, feel free to share it in our Slack newsletter channel: #newsletter-dotnet.


Here you can find a few .NET blogs you might want to follow or check once in a while:

Also here are a few blogs managed by some interesting people tightly connected to Microsoft and .NET:


If you like to read books here are some recommendations of .NET specific books that are relevant independently of a specific framework or a version: