Code style
Last modified on Mon 07 Nov 2022

It is important to keep the code readable and consistent so anybody reading it can understand it without too much effort. We use general C# Microsoft coding conventions with some additions to write our code.

These are some of the rules we would like to emphasize:

To keep things a bit easier we use StyleCop, a tool for enforcing C# style and consistency rules. The ruleset can be configured and used across all projects in the solution. It is easily installed as a NuGet package and as soon as you build the project, the StyleCop will start checking. The ruleset we use can be downloaded here.

We also use Roslynator, a lightweight collection of analyzers, refactorings and fixes for C#. Roslynator will be even more useful when the StyleCop can't be added to legacy projects.

There is also extensive documentation for C# available here.

These are some of the code formatting examples we follow to keep our code clean and consistent:

Ternary expressions

// single expression - single line
var result = booleanExpression ? resultA : resultB;

// single expression - multi line
var result = booleanExpression
      ? resultA
      : resultB;

// multiple expressions
var result = booleanExpressionA ? resultA
    : booleanExpressionB ? resultB
    : booleanExpressionC ? resultC
    : resultD;

Lambda expressions

// single line
var result = data.Where(x => booleanExpression).ToList();

// multi line
var result = data
    .Where(x => booleanExpression)
    .OrderByDescending(x => x.DateTime)

// nested expressions
var result = data
    .Where(x => booleanExpressionA)
    .Select(x => x.ListA
        .Where(y => booleanExpressionB)
        .OrderByDescending(y => y.DateTime)