Josip Krnjić

Color Schemes – Figma to Flutter Design Implementation

To create visually stunning and color-consistent apps, designers and developers need to be on the same page about using color schemes in Flutter app design. 

Josip Krnjić

Are Embedded Devices the Future of Flutter?

Starting out with just Android, Flutter is now supported on various platforms and embedded devices could be the next milestone.

Josip Krnjić

Flutter Might Be Your Technology of Choice for Mobile in 2020 – Here Is Why

Could the Flutter UI framework finally produce a native look and feel on mobile while writing the code just once?

Josip Krnjić

Creating Custom Markers on Google Maps in Flutter Apps

When you are trying to show maps in your Flutter application, you can either use flutter_map or google_maps_flutter.

Josip Krnjić

Bitrise vs. CircleCI for Android in a Head-to-Head Battle

The best CI is the one that engineers waste the least time on so they can focus on development more. Is Bitrise it?

Josip Krnjić