Management framework

Lead the way and show it to others


Team Lead

Manages between 4 and 15 people. Still performs hands-on work if managing less than 12 people. Focuses on individuals and their careers. Has a good overview/ownership of the projects that their directs are working on. The entry-level position for the management track; the position has a lot of new ground to cover. Senior-level technical expertise, but not necessarily the most senior person in the team.


Team Lead 2

Has significant experience managing people. Recognized for developing expert Individual Contributors. Mentors other Team Leads in the team. Pushes cross-team initiatives, i.e., not focused on just their team. Recognized by other Team Leads for their leadership skills. Very efficient at removing blockers.


Team Director

Manages Team Leads and Technical Leads. Develops careers for all tracks in a team with experience and ease. Implements best practices from other teams. Has a good overview of all strategic projects in the team. Recognized for technical excellence but also high leadership capacity.



Manages Team Leads, Team Directors, and Technical Leads if need be. Covers a wide range of domains in leading the Department. Engaged in all important decisions regarding the Department. Recognized for expertise, efficiency, reliability, and leadership.

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