Server-side talk 7

Nitpicking terminology: are we using the right terms?
Miro Svrtan
While we are developers, first and foremost we are human beings, terms and their meaning do influence our daily lives and ways we do our work. Is my code violating 'Single Responsibility Principle' or 'Separation of concerns'? What is 'technical debt' and is it comparable to 'financial debt'? Some teams have leaders, some have managers, what is the difference and should we care about it? Definition of a team seems to be completely broken; legacy is considered a dirty word and project managers seem to manage nothing. Having effective communication should not be 'a nice thing to have,' and I do hope you will join me in the discussion on these topics: your input is very valuable.
So you think you can test?
Luka Mužinić
Write tests. Write more tests. Write tests first. With all those articles and talks about testing, one already understands the importance of having test suite as part of your application. But, how do we know if our tests are any good? What if I told you there are techniques to measure the effectiveness of your tests? Tools that give you actionable information how to improve them. Specify data and generate thousands of assertions. This talk will briefly touch theory behind mutation and property-based testing, before diving into examples. At the end of the day, you will learn what tools to use, how to interpret their results and how to improve your test suite.
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