Server-side talk 3

Tmux, or how to organize your teminal sessions
Marko Ivanek
Do you work on many projects at the same time? Do you have trouble finding the terminal window, or tab, for the one you need right now? Do you often run long-running jobs that you'd like run in the background, and forget that they exist? Do you manually start up all development processes when working on a project? Do you use SSH and have trouble with dropping connection, which forces you to start what you were doing all over again? Does all of this sound like a pain? Meet tmux, the one-stop solution to all your terminal woes!
Amazon Rekognition
Vladimir Rosančić
Amazon recently published a new service called Rekognition. It enables you to add image analysis to your applications, as well as detecting objects, scenes, and faces in images. You can also search and compare faces. It is fast, reliable and integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 and other AWS services. I will talk about the most interesting Rekognition's features and show you how we used it to improve our Face Matching algorithm in one app.
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