Android talk 30

Google Play Console - What's New in 2018?
Vanja Bobotić
Each year, both Apple and Google work hard on introducing new features and upgrades to their respective app consoles used for managing and releasing apps. In recent news, the Google I/O brought some cool noteworthy updates to Vitals, Pre-launch reports, Dynamic delivery etc. Let's dig deeper into each of these features.
UI Tests and Kotlin Robots
Branimir Akmadža
When I first started to implement UI tests in my project, I thought to myself "What a huge amount of code for something so simple - I only need to check if my image is really shown". After some time spent on research, I discovered a very nice pattern that is possible to set up in Kotlin - DSL robots. In this talk, I will show you how that Kotlin sorcery looks like, and why you should (or should not) implement UI tests!
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