Career Switch

We can all agree that technology is a truly exciting career field. Even so, after a few years in the same position, you may be ready to explore uncharted territory. Do you have the itch to try something fresh, something new, something out of the ordinary?
<strong>Career Switch</strong>

Perhaps you are a .NET developer, and you want to switch to mobile technologies? Maybe you’re a frontend developer, and you’d like to try your hand at backend development?

Look no further than Infinum Career Switch!
Over the years, we have come across countless tech professionals who are ready for a change. That’s why we decided to launch Infinum Career Switch. This specialized program allows curious developers to try something new and different.

Infinum Career Switch
will allow you to:

  • Develop new skills and expand your knowledge
  • Learn in a friendly, positive work environment
  • Be treated as an equal in your area of retraining
  • Receive unparalleled education in every area of technology
  • Enjoy a top-notch support system

What our employees said about the program

Before Infinum, I was working as a “Jack of all trades” developer on Microsoft stack.

During the selection process in Infinum, I was tested on my general technical knowledge because I did not have experience with JavaScript SPA frameworks in production.

Onboarding process and mentoring from more experienced colleagues helped me get up to speed and become a productive JavaScript Engineer within weeks.

My pull requests were reviewed by a mentor, and the improvements he suggested helped me improve my skills and learn the proper way to write code in this technology. Altogether, I am very satisfied with my choice to apply for career switch because it helped me specialize in a dynamic area with a lot of interesting projects.

Before coming to Infinum, I worked for a large Croatian corporation on Microsoft stack technology. During the selection process in Infinum, I answered questions about programming, problem-solving methods, my work experience and challenges I had encountered in my career.

Although I was applying for an iOS developer position, I had no experience developing mobile applications—so, I attended Infinum Academy. For my first project, I worked with an excellent mentor who taught me how to create an iOS application from the very beginning to the end. Now, I have the opportunity to work on interesting projects with extremely high technical standards, maintaining top quality code.

With Infinum Career Switch, you’ll have an opportunity to learn something new in a supportive, stimulating environment. You will never be treated as a junior simply because you’re not yet an expert in the retraining field you’ve chosen. All of our teams are technical, which means no matter what area you choose, you’ll be surrounded by dozens of experts in that field of technology. This leads to invaluable knowledge and fast progress. Over the years, our team of experienced experts have educated hundreds of people through Infinum Academy!


The Infinum Career Switch selection process consists of two technical interviews and a technical assignment, if needed. The selection process will vary depending on the candidate. While some candidates will go through Infinum Academy as a part of their prequalification process, others will learn through a sample project on the job. No matter which path you take, the outcome will be the same.

What can you
expect from us?

We offer a number of benefits, high-quality tools,
bad jokes, and a stimulating work environment.

Professional development
Work on open source
Isn’t it nice to give back to the community? You can contribute, too. Check it out.
Career Switch
Try something new. Maybe you are a frontend dev and would like to try your hand at backend development?
Educational budget
Books, courses, conferences… It’s up to you how you spend it.
Travel opportunities
We work for clients all over the world so we get to travel and explore new places along with it.
Free language courses
Ramp up your vocabulary through tailor-made language courses.
Health &
Family life
Subsidized recreation
It’s important to stay fit. That’s why we sponsor gym membership of your choice.
Free health checks
You know what they say: the greatest wealth is health. That’s why we sponsor it regularly.
Flexible working hours
Tailor your working hours to fit your schedule.
Paid vacation for everyone
Students or non-students, we treat all our people equally.
the office
Working remotely
Location? Anywhere.
It’s all about flexibility.
Fun and games budget
Every team gets a monthly budget to spend on fun stuff.
Bring your dog to work
If your four-legged friend doesn’t eat MacBooks, tag him along.
Fruit, coffee, snacks, beer…
To keep your energy levels up.
Car and bike parking
Don’t let your ride get caught in the rain.

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