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11 Developer Tools That Will Blow Your Mind


The popularity of JavaScript, the dark horse of languages, has spiked ever since everything started migrating to the web. And according to Atwood's Law - everything is being written and rewritten in it. Since the beginning of this rise, many tools have emerged to help developers do their job.

However, while all these new tools improve the development process, there are not many tools that have a direct influence on the person writing the code. So here are some helpful tools our Infinum JavaScript team uses to improve efficiency and code quality of our developers.


So lo and behold, here is our collection of #devtoys


Thinking Hat

This relic comes from the time when more gentlemen walked the Earth. The Thinking Hat increases the wearer’s awareness of the code structure and enables him/her to focus more on the problems at hand. This ultimately results in a flash of light when a problem is solved.


Refactoring Hat

A unique item used only in times of great need. It is said that it comes from the beginning of time and that it helped shape the world as we know it today. It helps developers realize the error of their ways and gives them a chance to start anew.


Punishment Sword

One of the oldest and crudest tools in our arsenal - but still an effective one. When used on developers, they instantly become motivated and carry out tasks with speed and a smile on their face!


Hackity Hack Sword

This cursed weapon is given to developers when all seems lost or, in layman's terms, when the dreaded deadline is too close. By wielding it, they draw upon the untapped powers of the Hack and are given Linus-like powers... But at a great cost (see also "Refactoring hat").


Leadership Goggles

This item imbues the wearer (usually a Team Leader) with special powers of overseeing team members and having great speed required to manage all the emails... But at the cost of the wearer's life force.



Hoodie of Invulnerability

Forged for one purpose, and one purpose only - a perfect armor that ensures the wearer is not bothered by anyone or anything. Usually used to signal that the developer needs absolute focus and that bad things will happen if he/she is disturbed. The only possible reason for you to try to engage in any kind of interaction with the said developer is the building being on fire.


Mask of Solitude

When the Hoodie of Invulnerability just isn't enough, you must reach for this powerful item. Wearing it gives complete focus and provides for complete separation from the outside world in order to complete the task at hand. The Mask of Solitude, although benign in nature, has adverse effects on the developer’s psyche.


"Swifter than the leopards, more fierce than the evening wolves. Fear me, for when armored by her love, I possess the strength to fight a god! I fight, so that she may go on, for I am just a horse." Paralyzed Horse - Bravest Warriors


The Beast of Debugging

Possibly the best companion a developer could have. Explaining problems to this little duck can often lead to swift revelations. But the constant chattering has some adverse effects on the programming speed and efficiency.


Hammer of Swiftness

A simple but effective tool. Quite useful in the short run to speed up the development process at a minimal price. Whack the developer on the head to activate its powers.


Jake the Office Dog

A free spirit who chooses his companions. Spreads joy and happiness wherever he appears. Creates a carefree and relaxed development environment.


Orbs of Telepathy

These arcane devices enhance the project team's performance by giving them an uncanny ability to communicate over great distances. However, prolonged exposure seriously impedes the user’s subsequent ability to efficiently communicate in face to face interactions - not that that's really important.


Do you have any cool devtoys? Show us in the comments section, or share your photos on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #devtoys