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Interesting talks and mini lectures about new and cool stuff that's going on in the world of backend development, organized by the Infinum Rails team.

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Implementing Your Own OAuth Provider
Martin Morava, MI DIGITAL
Have you ever wondered how ‘Sign in with Google’ works in the background? How cool would it be to support the same functionality in your own app and give users the option to ‘Sign in with MyCoolApp’ . Using actual code examples, this talk with teach you how to implement an OAuth provider in your own app.
Recurring Events on Elixir
Vedran Hrnčić, Infinum
Recurring events and schedules - chances are you have an application that incorporates them in some form. But let’s add a twist, users can define their own schedules (e.g. medication intake prescription). How would you implement it on the backend? As it turns out there is a language with built-in distribution primitives for handling long-running processes, process registration and fault tolerance, and with a little help from the Elixir community, we have more than enough to build a small prototype. This talk aims to show how to express scheduling system requirements through built-in primitives like genservers, process registries, and supervisors.
Agile Meets “Agile” Business
Tomislav Vukić, Infinum
Can Agile help you when a big company creates a new product? How to quickly adjust and regroup when scope and timeline are not clear. A real-world example of a real-world project.
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In this monthly event, we bring together local developers and share new stuff in the world of backend development.

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