JS talk 6

Developing animations in the post-Flash era
Magdalena Magličić
An animation on the web can mean anything from a simple hover effect to a full-fledged particle simulation, and the technologies that can be used to create a web animation are just as diverse. Faced with so many options, it is often daunting and difficult to choose the right technology for your particular need and case. This talk will try to alleviate some of the confusion and give an overview of common technologies and methods that can be used to create web animations, along with their technical constraints.
Keeping React on a tight leash with Mobx
Darko Kukovec
React is a great view layer, but if you want to create something more than a simple TODO app, you’ll need some other parts. First of all, you’ll need a data structure and a way to handle the changes in it. It is here that the state management libraries come into play. There are plenty of state management libraries out there, like Redux, Flux, and Relay. I’ll talk about why we at Infinum chose MobX, and what we’re doing to make development with it even better.
A Vue into the future
Stjepan Petruša
Did you ever want that cool feature from one JS framework, but you didn’t like other built-in features? Vue.js is an example of a JS framework built using good parts from other frameworks like React and Angular. That model made it third most starred JS framework on Github. Come and see how does it look like to work with Vue.js and find out what made it such a good framework.
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