JS talk 3

Running Javascript in a car
Tomislav Horvatiček
You don’t own Tesla Model S so your infotainment system got out of date soon after buying your car? In this talk you will find out how I created my own infotainment in Toyota Auris. Raspberry Pi running Raspbian and Arduino reading wheel button voltage will be presented. I’ll show you my first ReactJS application used as video player.
Lightning talk: Learning to Learn
Luka Skukan
Change is the only constant in life. Part of our job as developers is not to only keep our knowledge current, but also learn new things, almost constantly. This can be difficult, especially for people new to development. In this lightning talk we’ll talk about why and how to learn new things, where and how to look for resources, and how to stay relevant in a constantly changing environment.
Keeping up with developers
Marina Jukić
Designer - developer relationships can be tough and full emo. From my personal experience, unfortunately, I'll talk about why it is not ok to make a telenovela out of the product implementation phase and when it is a good time to bring an "I'm sorry" chocolate to a design review meeting.
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