JS talk 1

Design patterns in JavaScript: Why they (don't) matter?
Luka Skukan
Object-oriented design patterns are the bread and butter of developers in virtually every class-based object-oriented language. However, they don’t sound like something a JavaScript developer should really need. In this presentation we’ll talk about what design patterns are, how they apply to JavaScript, and whether they are (or can be) of any use to us in our daily development tasks.
Always look on the evergreen side of life
Darko Kukovec
In the recent months and years, we got to play with a lot of new shiny features - provided either by a standards body like ES2015, or by preprocessors like SASS. During that time, we got used to the transpilation step where we would make our “code of the future” work in all the browsers we need to support. But now, new times are upon us: the web platform is becoming evergreen...
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