iOS talk 9

Don’t break your Spine! JSONAPI on iOS
Jeton Fejza
We hear the JSONAPI spec is all the rage these days among those backend kids. So we want to show you how to deal with that swiftly and elegantly on iOS.
Getting deeper with deep linking on iOS
Azzaro Mujić
Your website allows users access to the same content and functionality as your app? Great! In this presentation you will learn how you can link those two.
Avoiding repetition in your [Table|Collection]DataSource
Vlaho Poluta
In this talk, we will go over a few TableViewDataSource implementations to show you how to create reusable and easy to manage code for handling your data in [Table|Collection]View with the focus on different cell types.
Why not to use JSON?
Filip Beć
JSON is a most popular standard for data transfer. But do we really need to know how to encode/decode data or do we just want to deal with our well known Objective-C or Swift objects? Find out how to make data transfer faster and stop worrying about serialization by using Thrift.
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