iOS talk 8

Swift advanced types
Mislav Javor
In this talk, we explore the proper usage of Swift's excellent type system. After a brief introduction to the history of type systems in programming languages, we'll explore Swift's algebraic type support and usage of pattern matching with "sum" types. Finally, the talk focuses on using the type system to avoid certain types of runtime errors.
Custom build configurations || *.xcconfig
Vedran Burojević
Have you ever been stuck with project file conflicts in a multi-collaborative developer environment in XCode? Have you ever need to copy project settings from one target to another? If so, this talk is for You! We will cover what is xcconfig files all about and how you can adopt them in your workflow.
Data persistence on iOS
Barbara Vujičić
Understanding and implementing data persistence is a vital part of iOS app development. iOS has many persistent data storage solutions and in this talk we’ll give you a high-level overview of the different possibilities for data persistence on iOS.
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