iOS talk 19

Creating custom UI components and controls
Božidar Ševo
Tips and tricks on how to create custom UI components and controls. Get the most out of them and make it easy for you to create and maintain them. Using examples and use cases from the App Store featured apps like iTranslate Lingo.
Hello, SwiftUI!
Goran Brlas
SwiftUI - a new, shiny declarative framework from Apple is finally here and it's ready to take over. Or is it? Guess there's only one way to find out.
Face Detection in iOS
Mario Galijot
Face detection has been a popular topic in the last two decades, ever since Viona-Jones up to Deep-Learning algorithms, which brought a whole new horizon of possibilities, among which is Face Detection. Ever wondered how to detect faces directly in the iOS, and which options do we have? We'll go through all of them, show the pros and cons of each and which one should you use in your app.
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