Android talk 7

Using ViewDragHelper
Ivan Kocijan
You probably haven't heard about ViewDragHelper class but if you want to drag things around your screen you will need it. In this lecture we will show you how and why you should use it.
Memory profiling Android applications
Ivan Kocijan
We know how frustrating OutOfMemory exceptions can be and that's why we are going to show you how to use MAT - Memory Analyzer Tool to locate and reduce memory leaks in your Android application.
Creating Android Studio plugins
Kristijan Jurković
Android Studio has become main IDE for Android apps development in the last year. We'll show you how to setup environment for developing AS plugins, create simple hello world plugin and show you what we did to automate publishing apps to our clients for testing.
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Developing Android widgets
Ivan Kušt
Widgets are essentially views of an app's most important data and functionality that is accessible right from the user's home screen. We'll show you how to make your app super cool with embedded app widgets.
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