Android talk 33

Gradle Kotlin DSL
Renato Turić
Kotlin is probably the favorite thing for every Android developer. In this talk, we will show you how to broaden your use of Kotlin in your build system as well. We will go through some neat tricks and show you how to migrate your existing Groovy scripts and what are the general benefits of the newly announced Gradle Kotlin DSL 1.0 for Gradle 5.0.
Battery Consumption - Where's the Monster and How to Kill It?
Tomislav Šulc
In this talk, we'll see the sad world of blaming our apps for consuming too much battery and why do 1-star reviews have to hurt so much? Is there something we can do? Does NSA know where I am? Who am I? Kidding... You'll finally find out, are we alone in the Universe! And also, what can you do to prevent fast battery consumption.
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