Android talk 24

Use Appium to write tests and tap less
Neven Matas
The biggest issue today's QA teams are facing is how to streamline their testing processes by introducing automated testing. Manual testing is often repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone. Adding some automation into the mix can go a long way to lessen the testing overhead. This talk will try to introduce Appium as a potential solution for agile testing teams looking to get their hands dirty
AutoValue in action
Ivan Markusi
You want your data objects to be immutable, as they should? You've heard of "data" keyword in Kotlin, but (still) writing an app in Java? Tired of generating all those boilerplate code required for object value comparison? Plus, why can’t I implement a Parcelable just as easy as Serializable? If any of those questions popped in your head, Google’s AutoValue and its extensions are going to delight you.
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