Android talk 14

How (not) to get f***** by checkstyle, pdm, findbugs, lint and CirlceCI
Željko Plesac
./gradlew pmd lint findbugs checkstyle. Such a beautiful command, which could you drive you mad in a matter of seconds. We'll show most common static code checkers reported errors and demonstrate few tactics about how to avoid them
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Maintenance and change integration of real-time complex data models
Jovica Popović
We will show how we solved the problem of maintaining complex data models that need to be synced in real time to a back end server while feeding multiple data consumers. We will show the differences in approach depending on the nature of data sets: one large data set with infrequent updates, and another smaller set with frequent updated.
Data binding to the rescue... or not (?)
Kristijan Jurković
We're checking out new data binding lib announced on the last Google I/O. We'll go in depth of data binding - goals, benefits and drawbacks. Less code should mean less bugs - in theory.
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