Android talk 10

Android libraries which we use on daily basis
Ivan Kocijan
There's a large number of libraries available for Android but who has the time to try them all? In this lecture we'll show you a few libraries which we use on daily basis and explain how they can help you to get the job done faster.
Implementing Material Design
Filip Vinković
Material design brings UI elements composed of pieces of digital paper and ink. Let's see how we can create alive and fluid apps by implementing animations, adding visual response to user interaction and using elements like cards and floating action buttons.
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Getting Groovy on Android
Ivan Kušt
Groovy is a dynamic language similar to Python, Ruby, Pearl and Smalltalk. Since it compiles to Java bytecode it can be used to write Android applications as well. We’ll demonstrate how to setup a Groovy Android application project, show the advantages, disadvantages and provide some code examples.
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