Last modified on Fri 17 Mar 2023

Additional benefit while optimizing for accessibility is making your website SEO (search engine optimization) friendly since assistive technologies and search engines read the same HTML code to understand the content on the website.

The better your site serves all users, the better it will serve search engines.

So how and what you write for assistive-technologies can drive more traffic to your website as a result of ranking higher on search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Elements where optimizing for search engines and assistive technologies intertwine are:

Also, Google is measuring accessibility in their website performance tool Lighthouse, providing scores and pass/fail audits for accessibility components of the web, so it is not far fetched to assume the possibility Google will make accessibility ranking factor in the future. Having said that, implementing accessibility should not be about increasing rankings, website traffic and conversions, it should focus on making the internet that is usable for everyone and practice understanding and empathy.