Last modified on Mon 06 Nov 2023

These guidelines were created on the base of the WCAG 2.1 and will follow the four principles stated by the WCAG (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable & Robust). The WCAG principles are divided into three A levels ⁠– ⁠A, AA, and AAA, and in this chapter, we cover mainly A level, while in some parts, AA level.

This guide aims to provide easy-to-understand context for designers and explains how to include accessibility (A11y) aspects while designing or reviewing already finished designs. For all the categories, we will show examples how the design can look without A11y applied and how it changes once you include accessibility. You will also find a list of useful plugins and tools to help you with checking certain A11y features. In the end, you will get an A11y checklist template, which you can duplicate and reuse in your design files to help you track your A11y status.

Thank you for using this file and creating a more accessible product.

Accessibility levels






Accessibility Review

Useful Plugins & Tools

A11y Checklist template