About this Handbook
Last modified on Fri 17 Mar 2023

This handbook was written as a part of the Accessibility initiative in Infinum.

A11y initiative consists of highly motivated representatives from various teams at Infinum: Design, iOS, Android, JavaScript, WordPress, QA, Project Management, and Growth. Together, we decided to learn more about accessibility so we could make our products and processes more accessible. As our learning curve was quite steep, we realized how complex this subject is. We decided to sum up the knowledge we acquired to help our colleagues avoid the hours we spent learning and exploring. And now, we want to share it with the broader public.

As you’ll see, this handbook is divided into Design, Web, Mobile and QA parts. In each of them, the respective team explained WCAG and accessibility from their perspective and shared all the useful information, tips and tricks they acquired with learning and experience along the way. You can read each chapter separately if you’re interested only in that part, but if you want to get more holistic knowledge, we recommend reading it as a whole.

Keep in mind that our Accessibility Handbook is a living and breathing document - it will get updated as we learn and acquire more experience.

Thank you for your interest in our work and we hope the knowledge in this handbook will be useful to you and that you’ll use it to make the world around us a bit more accessible, inclusive, and better.

Good luck!