Standout branding in the digital era

Learn what successful branding means in today’s digital-first world.

Grow a thriving business with storytelling

Learn how to connect with your audience on a deeper level with business storytelling.

Introduction to Web Components in Angular & (P)react – Skopje

Learn how to create Web Components and implement them in popular frontend frameworks

Introduction to Web Components in Angular & (P)react – Podgorica

Learn how to create Web Components and implement them in popular frontend frameworks

Building a successful SaaS product

Discover the role of UX, user feedback, and product strategy in the journey of building and scaling a successful B2B SaaS business.

Level up you apps with IoT, Swift’s result builders, and modularization – Zagreb

Proper architecture goes a long way when it comes to simplifying the app-building process. Join us as we dive into the hows and whys of modular architecture in iOS.

Workshops as catalysts for innovation

Learn how workshops can serve as powerful catalysts for creating winning digital products.

Brewing Innovation – Mobile IoT and the Compose Frontier – Ljubljana

Find out how we got IoT home appliances to act on a tap and how Jetpack Compose became our UI toolkit of choice

From chaos to clarity in the UX – Podgorica

Master the three I’s of impeccable design: intuitiveness, inclusion, and interactivity.

SwiftUI migration & Android BLE – Skopje

Find out how we prepared for transitioning to SwiftUI and the challenges and best practices that come from working with hardware that’s still in development.

Testing out new options – Podgorica

Find out what it takes for a manual to automation test engineer career switch and how to properly design test execution calendars.

On the edge of UX – Ljubljana

Expand your UX skillset by learning the tricks of decision-making facilitation and accessibility-ready design.