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When the Best Party Squad in Town Crashes Your Office


Our Secret Santa presents are almost wrapped up, and so is 2016. With the official end-of-year party just a few days away, we couldn’t resist but to devise a surprise pre-party for the team.

Disclaimer: It wasn’t something we really planned. In fact, I’d say our office pets are responsible for this bash.

Two dogs win the EDM team

Last week, a colleague saw an article on the Croatian EDM radio station Enter. They were inviting companies to apply for the XMess after-work party by sending a video clip. No, that’s not a typo, X stands for Xmas, and mess stands for… well, the occasion. They promised food, drinks, a DJ (sound system included) and cool company. It seemed to us like a perfect formula for a Friday afternoon.

Not 10 minutes had passed, and we were already in full swing preparing a storyboard and digging up video clips from our archive. "Let's throw in some pups, that ought to do it," I thought. So we bought some props, shot a few scenes and whipped it all together into an aww-ensuring video. Take a look:

Needless to say, the crew from Enter was impressed and they decided to visit us.

We should do this more often

Luckily, we're a well-equipped bunch. We decorated our chill area to create that National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation kind of feel. Christmas lights, a disco ball, a few strobe lights here and there, some shot glasses - you know, your typical office equipment.

Infinum and Enter XMess party collage

Our guests brought delicious food, a bunch of booze and some serious audio gadgetry. Full respect.

Infinum and Enter XMess party crew

A fantastic initiative from the Enter crowd. Let's turn this into a tradition!