Transforming retail
businesses with technology

Driven by continual technological advancement, the fundamentals of the retail sector are being reshaped at speed. Is your business up-to-date with the latest trends?

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What you’ll discover
Online-or-physical dilemma
A growing number of retailers are abandoning isolated marketing strategies and building both a physical and an online presence.
A circular path to purchase
Today’s path to purchase is more circular in nature, continually starting over as consumers guide themselves through the buying process.
Reaching buyers on every channel
 Modern consumers take advantage of each channel’s potential to fulfil a different need at every step on their path to purchase.
Choosing the right technology
Many retailers falsely believe they can’t afford digital transformation because they can’t afford to transform their entire business all at once.

Featuring insights by retail industry experts

Maja Mihelčić Kurent
VP of Business Development,
L’Oreal Luxe
Marko Kovač
Ivan Skender
Chief Digital Officer,
A1 Telecom
Nikola Galić
Marketing Manager,
Volvo Cars
Aleksandar Atanasov
Head of marketing,

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