Equal parts proven process and design philosophy, Purpose-Driven Design is Infinum’s proprietary framework for solving design challenges.

Our unique approach to solving problems.

We look for purpose in every decision we make and every pixel we put on a page. From strategy to implementation, we make sure everything we do is rooted in making the user’s experience better. A user is anyone who interacts with a product – from consumer end-users to important stakeholders to internal staff who will be working with the product on a daily basis. We leverage user data to better understand their needs and create products that make their lives better.

We make products that not only solve your business problems, but are also products that users love to use.

The Principles


Real Value Is Discovered

We strive to understand your business, customers, goals, and aspirations. Your knowledge and our expertise combine to drive innovation.


You Can’t Guess Your Way to Credibility

Successful designs are based on facts and data more so than opinions and personal beliefs. Intuition is valuable, but validation is everything.


Usefulness Depends on Empathy

We bring value to users when we’re able to walk in their shoes. Our whole process is centered around getting the user into the conversation, even though they’re rarely in the room.


Design for Context, Not Device

Who you are, where you are, and what you’re trying to accomplish are more important than your operating system, hardware, or screen dimensions (if there is a screen at all). Users bring many different abilities and expectations, and we design to accommodate and include them.


Innovation = Aspiration ÷ Feasibility

We deliver because we design systems that can be built on time and within budget. We embrace technology and risk, focusing on innovative differentiators rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.


Keep It Human

Emotion is at the core of every design decision we make. As AI and machine learning increasingly impact our lives, it’s more important than ever to keep this in mind. The best-performing teams recognize we’re all human, and we’re in it together. We are one team.

Our Process

Our proven process drives projects from kick-off to launch and then into post-launch growth and optimization.

It’s the process that makes us different, and it is one of the unique strengths we bring to every project. We’ve spent years fine-tuning it and look forward to using it with you.

PDD Process Map


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